Central AC Systems

Central AC Systems

Our 2013 Central A/C Prices Are Here!

Special Financing Available
On 2, 3 and 5 Ton Systems!


2 Ton - Cools Approximately 1000 Sq. Ft. - $1,697.77

OR $109 for 18 Months!


3 Ton - Cools Approximately 1500 Sq. Ft. - $1,997.77

OR $97 for 24 Months!


5 Ton - Cools Approximately 2500 Sq. Ft. - $2,797.77

OR $96 for 36 Months!

Brand New Central A/C Systems In The Box
Here is the units only price:

Century A/C Heat Pump
with Air Handler

1.5 Ton - 13 SEER - $1597.77
2.0 Ton - 13 SEER - $1697.77
2.5 Ton - 13 SEER - $1847.77
3.0 Ton - 13 SEER - $1997.77
3.5 Ton -13 SEER - $2257.77
4.0 Ton - 13 SEER - $2477.77
5.0 Ton - 13 SEER - $2797.77

Customer Questions:

Brand New In The Box? YES!

Can I buy just the units?
Yes, perfectly cheap and legal.

What size unit do I need?
Rule of thumb is the equation: Total Air-Conditioned square feet (times) .7 (divided) by 400 = Tons of air needed for a 13 SEER system. Round up or
down to full tons from .5

How long should a Central A/C last?
Average in Central Florida is 9 years. However the Century residential Heat pump system has a 12 parts year warranty on the complete system.

What is SEER?
Seasonal energy efficiency ratio, the higher the SEER the lower your power bill.
The average for Central Florida Homes is 11.5 SEER.

Does our price include the complete system? YES!

Outside Compressor Condenser and inside matching Air Handler? YES!

What is a heat pump?
• A heat pump is a device used for either the heating or cooling of a space by transferring hot and cold between two reservoirs.
• A Central A/C heat pump is an air conditioner, transferring heat from inside to out, and a heater as it transfers exterior heat to the interior.

12 Year Warranty

Note to Installers:
Only Appliance Direct’s Florida exclusive Century A/C systems pay $300 labor from the manufacturer for Condensing unit swap out in the event of a first year Compressor failure.  Brand new entire Condensing unit is provided by manufacturer without dealer or customer cost. Plus 12 year warranty on all parts from manufacturer for entire system.

If you live in Orange, Seminole, Lake, Osceola, Volusia or Brevard County.

We will deliver the complete system to your home or business for $50.

Terms and Conditions:
Under the terms of all manufacturers warranty and to comply with federal refrigerant handling laws, it is required that the system be checked, started up and signed – off on by a licensed air conditioning/heating contractor prior to use. Failure to comply with this provision will void all factory warranties. Keep a copy of the installation ticket for your records. Please ensure that all supply and return ductwork is properly sized and that a permit is obtained (where required). Always conform with applicable local and state codes. Electrical connections should only be made by a licensed electrical contractor. Unqualified persons should never attempt installation of this or any HVAC system.

AC Installation Cost Disclaimer

Need your new A/C system installed? Air-Flex Inc. has been installing A/C units for 13 years. In the last 8 years they have installed A/C systems in over 10,000 homes.
Note: This company is not affiliated with Appliance Direct.

Basic install price


Plenum replaced 


Return box replaced


Copper tubing replaced


Air-handler is in the attic


Thermostat replaced


Air-handler platform replaced


New concrete pad


Float/Safety switch replaced


If any ducts need to be replaced, an estimate will be done on site.



The only cost not displayed is the permit fee, which the customer must pay.

Instead of a sales person coming to the home for an estimate, Air-Flex Inc. will send a crew out to install and may charge one or more of these specific extra charges as needed by the home owner.


Thank You.