Whirlpool 1.9 cu. ft. Microwave Hood Combination with True Convection WMH76719CZ

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Whirlpool 1.9 cu. ft. Microwave Hood Combination with True Convection WMH76719CZ
Microwaves - Whirlpool 1.9 cu. ft. Microwave Hood CombinationAchieving delicious results is effortless with the 1.9 cu. ft. microwave hood combination. True convection helps circulate air more efficiently for juicy, flavorful meals. Plus, you can easily prepare veggies without the hassle of bulky cooktop steamers with Steam cooking and the included universal microwave steamer. The CleanRelease® non-stick interior surface easily releases cooked-on food without harsh chemicals so you can quickly clean up all types of splatters in this microwave hood combination. And when you're ready to relax in front of a movie, count on the AccuPop™ cycle to automatically adapt cooking time using a sound sensor to help make the perfect popcorn, no matter what size bag you're popping.

Additional Features:

CleanRelease® Non-Stick Interior

A damp wipe is all you need to quickly clean up spills, no special cleaning solutions required.

SteamClean Option

Quickly loosen up spills with steam. No chemicals or cleaners needed.

AccuPop™ Cycle

Uses a sound sensor and tracks the time between pops to help popcorn from burning.

Sensor Cooking

Automatically tracks the cooking progress of food and adjusts the cook time as needed.

Integrated Hidden Vent and Console

The single piece door with a true hidden vent and built-in control console streamlines the exterior, offering sleeker style and easier cleanup.

Recessed, Stoppable Glass Turntable

The recessed glass turntable allows you to microwave taller items and can be conveniently stopped with the touch of a button.

Universal Microwave Steamer

Use this included dishwasher-safe microwave steamer to steam fish, vegetables or rice.

Turntable On/Off Option

Choose whether the turntable rotates or not to accommodate a wide range of dish sizes.